In 2011 as my final thesis project in Advanced Interactive Media I designed and built a prototype based on my ideas for Sanguine. For information on what Sanguine will grow into, have a look at the Concept page.

Here is some of what is already built in:

Import from Insulin Pumps

Sanguine imports data from Medtronic Paradigm pumps by reading a CSV file exported from Carelink. It interprets the information and puts it into the database.

Auto-tag Meals

You can enter food events without having to label them as breakfast, supper etc. When you import, Sanguine looks at food input information and automatically assigns them to meal types based on your own settings.

Interactive Day View

Sanguine shows a whole day as you’re entering data so that you can get a visual picture of your results as you’re entering or reviewing them.

Trends Overlay

The blood sugar plot shows a week of glucose results subtly behind the main display so you can see trends or patterns without even looking for them.

Flexible Days

Sanguine knows that not everyone goes to bed at the same time. It allows you to set your day to start whenever you decide, so you don’t have everything that happened after midnight separated from the rest of the day.

Technical Specifications

Sanguine Application

The Sanguine prototype runs on Adobe’s AIR platform. It was built in Flash Builder 4 using the Flex Framework and object oriented Actionscript 3.0. The data is managed with by a Model built on Data Access Objects as well as some advanced SQL queries and stored natively in a dynamically generated SQLite database.

The future

The next version of Sanguine will be rebuilt from the ground up and move its focus away from the desktop.